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Реф. № LI180
View seen from plot
Ски имоти в България, Имоти в района на язовир Искър, Парцели
At 6488 m² in size, this plot is absolutely massive and definitely a rare find. You would have to pay twice the price for a 500m2 strip of mud in UK, but here you can actually make a great investment. This plot definitely ticks all the boxes for value, size and location!
You could perhaps fit a hotel complex and/ or multiple unit development on this plot due to its size. It is in the perfect setting for such a development- set on hill with unspoilt views to Lake Iskar and the surrounding rolling hills.
Possible water connection, septic tank would need to be installed and electricity connection possible once building permission has been granted. At present, plot is not in regulation but there is very good news. The new Sofia-Borovets road will be only 100m away and building permission will be much easier to obtain- hence its current low price. A lot of investment will be happening on this side of Lake Iskar and prices are still low at the moment. But once this great new road is built, prices will certainly rise considerably.
Plot is also only 30m away from another one of our great Lake Iskar offers- 179. If both were purchased, you could own around 2 acres of prime development land!

Location and Local Attractions

200m away from a Lake Iskar beach, a reserve and set on a rolling hill, plot benefits from having superb unspoilt views towards great rural countryside and Lake Iskar itself. Lake Iskar already has an established reputation as a popular destination but prices are still low. You could not hope to purchase a plot this size or for this price anywhere near Golden Sands, Sunny Beach or justa bout any other coastal resort. Described as an inland sea, Lake Iskar is truly huge. In summer the water is lovely and warm and perfect for swimming with a wide array of water sports.
Come winter time, you can just go onto the premier skiing resort of Borovets. Being the oldest skiing resort in Bulgaria, it is home to the Prime Minister (and former King of Bulgaria) and as result, this area always gets the best infra-structure. The ski runs are of a very good quality and all year round the area is truly stunning, with plenty of things to do for the whole family. So, as you can see, the Lake Iskar area has all year round potential which will always make it a popular place to rent in and make a solid investment. Not many other parts of Bulgaria can boast Lake Iskar's all year round potential and don't forget, the capital is only an hour away from this plot!
Another major plus point to this plot is that it is only 18kms to an 18 HOLE GOLF COURSE! So you have golf, swimming, skiing, plenty of water sports, fishing... the list of activities that can be done here is endless.
Sofia city is 65kms away, Borovets is 28kms away and Samokov is 18kms away.

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