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Реф. № LI452
Ски имоти в България, Имоти в района на язовир Искър, Парцели
*STAR OFFER!* Regulated Land with Huge Development Potential!
Very Rare Offer! Near Lake Iskar!
This plot is definitely something we do not come across everyday. Located right on the main Sofia-Samokov/Borovets road, regulated.
 Plot is a very large 5600 m² in size, that is well over 1 acre. This means it is ideal for development into chalets, villas, a motel (of which there is a great shortage) or just about anything else. Electricity is not connected however, the connection point is 100 m away and we would be pleased to sort this out for you. There is also the possibility of having free water supply as this plot has very clean water springs in it.
 As well as bordering the brand new main road, there is also access via a secondary road and the road to a large village runs alongside. As you can see, strategically, this is a very well placed and important plot. Just 200 m away is a very good quality villa zone.  Reasons to buy:
- All ski holiday traffic going to the famous Borovets resort will go past your site!
- It’s only 7 miles from Samokov (next to Borovets) so you will benefit from the huge “Super Borovets Plan”, where hundreds of millions of Euros are being poured into this area over the coming years.
- It’s only a mile from Lake Iskar – Bulgaria’s inland sea – and a big magnet for summer trade!
- Beautiful site with stream, waterfall and possibility of buying more land behind!
 Said enough? This is no gimmick, but a great example of what our company can uncover. You would have no chance of finding such an opportunity by yourself wandering around Bulgaria. This prime plot gives you the opportunity to be an important investor in Bulgaria's No.1 property market.

Location and Local Attractions

Fantastically located right on the main road to Sofia, Samokov and Borovets, locations just do not get better than this. Plot is fully regulated with the possibility of obtaining further land behind to increase development space. The views are superb- over forests and there is even a small water fall in the plot! What a great feature.
 With Lake Iskar nearby, this does give this plot all year round potential which so many other offers on the market simply do not have. There are 3 golf courses being built down the road, the Super Borovets is about to start and so is the winter season.
 As mentioned before, plot is suitable for just about any sort of development, particularly commercial ones such as a motel because of the huge lack of accommodation at the moment. Or plot could be split up to sell off...or just sat on! The options here are almost endless and each of them highly profitable. Prices in this particular area are shooting up and fast, so don't get caught out and lose this very rare offer.