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€ 339200
Брой спални: 0
Площ на жилището: 0 m2
Площ на земята: 1696 m2
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Bansko development Plot!


Fantastic Development Potential Plot in Bansko! Attention all investors and developers!

A good sized plot for sale, located near the new ring road to the gondola which is not more than 800m away. Land is Bansko is far and few between, so this will not stay on the books for long. For anyone considering being a developer or wanting an excellent addition to their land bank, this plot should be a serious consideration.The plot is a good size measuring 1696 sq.m, surround by three other plots, and the new ring road.

The mains for water, electricity and sewage are all located nearby. Three big complexes are close by (Snow Lodge, Mountain Paradise and Casa Milla among others), showing that this is a new up and coming area of Bansko. Although the plot is not regulated and classed as agricultural land, plots in the same area have undergone regulation and the same could be achieved on this plot. It is also worth noting that the location of this plot is excellent as it borders the road to the gondola which is due to be resurfaced,s o plenty of money is coming into this area.

offers all
four seasons to you, enjoy hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, and the
extra comfort of knowing that you have made a great investment. Bansko is
currently experiencing huge investment interest and not just from property
investors. The facilities here have been vastly improved making it one of the
best places to invest your money into as the rental potential is very good
compared to many other areas.

Location and Local Attractions

Located about 800m from the ski lift, this plot of land is unique and rare, and well priced for the area. A number of sell out apartment complexes such as Snow Lodge, Casa Milla and Mountain Paradise are all located very close by to this plot. It is also on the ‘golf course’ side of Bansko and borders the road that leads staright to the gondola station.

The historic Bansko town centre is only 15 minutes walk away. Here there is a very wide range of quality brand new shops and amenities which are constantly being expanded and improved to make Bansko one of the top resorts in Bulgaria. Bansko is the newest Bulgarian winter resort, and arguably the most exciting. It has recently attracted significant foreign investment, which has allowed for a massive improvement in skiing infrastructure, and other resort related services. Bansko ski resort is situated in South western Bulgaria, and is only 160km from Sofia, in the foothills of one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains – Pirin, which is a national preserve, and which is included in the WORLD NATURAL HERITAGE list. Bansko offers an interesting combination between the virgin nature of The Pirin Mountain range, state of the art skiing facilities, and the atmosphere of an ancient Bulgarian town.

The skiing conditions in Bansko are excellent. The Pirin Mountain is predominantly Alpine in character with three peaks towering above 2900 m. However the slopes offer runs and tracks for all types of skiers, novice through to expert; while the ski runs are maintained in excellent condition. The town itself attracts visitors all year round with its 120 cultural monuments, museums, nightlife and restaurants.

Surrounded by the Pirin, Rila and Rhodopa mountains, Bansko is a climatic mountain resort with a short summer and long winter. The average temperature during January, the coldest month, is -1.9C. Snow falls are abundant, providing a constant winter snow cover up to 2 m thick. The skiing season along the Pirin slopes starts in the middle of December and ends in mid-April, although this is by no means a winter only resort; in the summer Bansko offers excellent hiking fishing, canoeing, horse riding and many other warm weather mountain pursuits. This is very much an all year round resort, which all the family can enjoy.

So, contact us now to reserve your dream apartment and investment on 00359 885 250 497 or via email bansko@skiproperty.bg

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Реф. номер: BA163
Площ на парцела: 1696 m2
Комисионна: % Без комисионна



Характеристика на региона

Учебни заведения: Детска градина, Училище
Лечебни заведения: Болница, Медицински център
Пазаруване: Хранителен магазин, Супермаркет, Пазар, Пекарна, Зоо магазин, Търговски център
Услуги: Банка, Банкомат, Аптека, Поща/Куриер, Химическо чистене, Фризьорски салон, Салон за красота, Ветеринарен лекар
Заведения: Ресторант, Бар, Кафене, Нощен клуб, Игрална зала
Спорт и свободно време: Детска площадка, Фитнес зала, Спортен терен, Плувен басейн, Музей, Детски парти център, Спа център
Природа: Парк, Градина
Автомобилни услуги: Паркинг, Бензиностанция, Автомивка, Зарядна станция, Автосервиз
Сгради и институции: Кметство, Библиотека, Съд, Църква, Манастир
Транспорт: Автобусна спирка, ЖП гара

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€ 339200
Брой спални: 0
Площ на жилището: 0 m2
Площ на земята: 1696 m2
% Без комисионна

Ася Кавръкова

Офис мениджър и старши брокер офис Банско

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Ася Кавръкова
Офис мениджър и старши брокер офис Банско

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