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    Borovets apartments only at 695 Euros per m²

    € 63579
    Sequoia II borovets, Sequoia II apartments, Sequoia II property borovets, borovets apartme [Повече ▼]
    Sequoia II is a first class apartment house with built-up area of 3,527 sq.m., part of the gated community. Sequoia Apartment Complex located in the largest winter resort with the longest winter sport traditions and most picturesque pine forest sceneries in Bulgaria – Borovets. The name of the complex is inspired by the sequoia tree which is evergreen and also extremely high. The idea behind that is the evergreen scenery surrounding the complex and [Повече ▼]
    91 m2- ( 698.7 €/m2) детайли
    Красимир Фунтаров
    Управител и старши брокер офис Самоков

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